Autumn Glow

Title: Autumn Glow

Author(s) - Various - A collaborative real time poem :)

      The dancing trees cast off their dress of green 
      Changing in the Autumn's early glow
      To don assorted shades of gold and brown
      One joyous revel left before the snow.
      Swaying in the sun-warmed winds of fall,
      Scattering their scarves upon the ground,
      The music of the seasons fills their veins,
      They sing, tho' we may never hear a sound.
      To pale, blue washed watercolour sky 
      Burnt Sienna lends its warming shade
      Defiant Summer with its final breath
      Warms the sunlight on the field and glade
      And on the laden briar in crimson bold
      The cranberry that promises delight
      In hues of red and orange, rosehips blush
      As autumn's palette offers colours bright.
      The harvest done, its time to rest at last
      The North Wind gathers drifting seeds to sow
      And trees now sing of dreaming sleep ahead
      While in the fields, the lengthening shadows grow.


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