On the Closure of The Bullring

Title: On the Closure of The Bullring

Author: Alun March

I saw the husk of a man
slumped on the corner of this street
A street which once he had walked with pride
In his slick suit and silk tie
Until his sales forecast was just too far out
Inflated by a little arrogance and perhaps a touch of desperation

He still has the tie...
He was going to hang himself with it
But he learned something on a course, long ago
And adopted it as a maxim
Something about the good times always come again

Today he looks like he has finally lost that faith
And the tie all stained and frayed like his life
His crumpled face would be wet with tears
But he cried them all long ago
Crumpled face and crumpled, rank suit
Its designer label torn out
He drags himself up and stands staring at something we cannot see
Something he perceives in the alcoholic fog where he gropes
To place his hand upon anything that will prove he is still alive
I watch him go
Swept along with the crisp bags and scraps of shredded bus tickets
The flotsam of the city streets blowing along until they find a dark corner
And a cardboard box they can call their own



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