The Lonely Rock

Title: The Lonely Rock (moments from a walk on the coast)

Author: Schuchtern

There he was, standing far out in the sea
alone in the tides, fighting the waves
his battered face of eternal beauty
above the rushing waters, looking up
into the dark, mysterious sky
watching storm clouds passing by

So much was gone -
of the might he once was
where are they all gone
his brothers and sisters
and his loved one, who once was
as mighty and beautiful as himself

Five children, beautiful rocks each of them
together they had in times forgotten long
but none of them survived
their childhood out in the waves
out in the cruel sea

His loved one had always been to soft
so with every birth she gave
she lost parts of herself
and with the birth of their last child
he lost his grip around her waist
no longer able to protect her
from the incoming waves

From this moment on
he watched her from afar
in long years slowly going by
being washed away in front of him
her beauty visible until the end
when she died in a heavy storm
following her children
down into the sea

And since many years now
he was the last
who still was out in the sea
with still a long way to go
until he also would die
left only on his own

Rain often leant him tears
to shed for the ones he lost
and seagulls looking for shelter
were visiting him every day
but they were to busy
with their one short life
so they never cared
about a lonely rock in the sea

A human suddenly passed by
on the coast path far away
he seemed in deep thoughts
and on his own like himself
standing a long time on the shore
watching him in a way
as if he would understand

The human would be gone early before
he himself would be washed away
but he got the feeling that
the human could really sense
some of his grief and sorrow
about the ones he lost so long ago

If this would be true
for a single moment just
then he would know, he might have lost
his fight and all loved ones long ago
but he wasn't alone
for a single moment just

jl 25.11.97
Copyright Schuchtern (jl) 1997.

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