Title: Unicorn

Author: Torquil

The milky smoothness of it's body
glimmered in the moonlight.
It's beauty was breath taking
for all who beheld the pure white.
This stag who guarded the woodlands
and was Diana's steed in the night.
Had come to the open glade
beckoned by a maiden's plight.
She was tied naked to a tree
her body trembling from fright
As she was the unwanted lure
to bring the unicorn to this sight.

The huntsmen waited silently
their eyes gleaming of gold
For the magic of the spiral horn
would bring riches to their fold.
They had planned this deed
with evil cunning it is told.
For they had bribed the maidens father
and for greed, her innocence sold.
The capture of the unicorn
would give them power to behold.
All would come to them
for healing young and old.

The maiden's father held in his hands
a halter made from her soft hair.
They had cut it off the night before
with cruel bluntness and no care.
For it was known that the virgin's tresses
could lead the unicorn from it's lair.
Upon seeing the elegant unicorn
the maiden cried "run away" in her despair.
For though her loss would be great
she could not be a part of this evil affair
Shaking it's head gently the unicorn
would not leave the maiden in this snare.

The huntsmen cursed loudly
when they heard the maiden's plea.
They knew that they had to hurry
before the unicorn could flee.
Running swiftly to the glade
they bounded towards the tree.
but the unicorn bit through the rope
so that the maiden could also leave.
As the maiden climbed upon it's back
the two disappeared and were free.
The huntsmen cursed all the riches lost
while great Diana laughed with glee.

Copyright - Torquil 1998


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