Background History

The covenant of Profundas is set at a start point of 1211 AD, during the reign of King John who was to be forced to sign the Magna Carta beside the waters of the Thames at Runymede just four years later.

The choice of that year enabled me to bring together a number of elements which I intended to use as a backdrop to the more peroquial issues of the magi. Apart from the stirrings of many barons, we have Scots raids, Jewish issues, knights returning or not long returned from the 3rd crusade, templars seeking things to occupy them and Robin Hood to boot. A rich tapestry within which to weave the thread that is our saga.

My research on that period in Cumbria, I am going to make available, here, for any others who are interested as well as an aide memoire for me when I am running the game with my off-line group. Similarly, I have researched the myth and legend of the region. Taking both together, I am seeking to "explain" some events from the perspective "imagine there had been a group of mages involved and they caused this to happen" The challenge of using a real history as opposed to writing a pure fantasy campaign is that the constraints placed upon the storyguide require some thinking which can be as intriguing as puzzles that will be placed before the players.

I hope that you will enjoy the saga and the use that I make of the history.  I'd like to thank the many sites and webmasters who provide the rich and often eclectic collection from which I have been able to draw the details for this background.

Alun - Alpha GM


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