Tribune of Stonehenge

For the purposes of this campaign, I have created the known covenants of England and Wales which form the Tribunal of Stonehenge and thus, would be represented, there. From these, are chosen the mages who would attend the Grand Tribunal when it is next held. Since Profundus is a new covenant, it has little or no influence in the Stonehenge Tribune although Ulfric might be given more attention than some mages from other covenants, if he bothered to attend. I have also decided that the tribune gatherings will be bi-annual on even years. That means there is roughly fifteen months until midsummer of 1206, when the next council will be held, in Wales.

Cataduna Ab Cura (Waterfall of Thoughts)

This is the nearest covenant to Profundus. It is hidden in the North York Moors, near Goathland, another area where I have walked. The masters of note are Ursa of Bjornaer, Svaldag of Bjornaer, Votas of Merenita and Ragnar of Ex Miscellenea. They are a group, not known for their warm welcomes, being rather wild. The covenant is remote and lacks in riches yet it has some influence. Ursa is considered to be a leading name in the Bjornaer ranks.

Spectare Altus (The High Perspective)

The next closest covenant is in the Pennines. Spectare have a high opinion of themselves. They also seem to have a good relationship with the Stonehenge Quisitores. Their leading masters are Catharnus of Bonisagus, Lestros of Criamon, Julianus of Bonisagus, Walter of Jerbiton and Philomela of Jerbiton. Their reputation is chiefly based on their scholarly prowess, particularly in translation of christian and anglo-saxon texts, which it is felt are helping the order understand the mundane and dominion orders, much better.  They also maintain a reasonable relationship with the Dominion. They also number Marcus of Mercere among their number.

Lapis Utriculus (The Womb of Stone)

I have retained the idea that there ought to be a covenant whose halls are buried deep within the Black Mountains. Always a heartland of mystery and magic, it seems a fitting place for the Tribune to meet in secret. The covenant claim Myrddin Mab Morfryn amongst their former members in the times before the founding. Some whisper darkly, that Merlin, as he is often known, was Diadne, through and through.  Certainly, the covenant has had a Diadne and Ex Miscellenea past to live down and itself, lacks influence in the order. Thus it is also seen as a neutral meeting ground. The known masters are Yfrin of Ex Miscellenea, Melphius of Tytalus, Thorvald of Bjornaer and Gwynarrion of Merenita.

Griphus Perpetuum (The continuous enigma)

The other Welsh covenant is set in Snowdonia, upon the lower slopes within reach of the coastal paths. They are disinterested in the politics of the order and tend to attract those who pursue the more exotic research, particularly study through experience. Dominated by Criamon mages since the outset, they have a justified reputation for being somewhat left field with odd dealings that make little sense to most other covenants. However, they number two masters of repute as far as ability goes, Daphne of Criamon and Violina of Criamon both of whom are reputed to have a deeper understanding of the enigma than any other criamon masters currently within the Tribune. Their other notables are Nangarion of Ex Miscellenea, Uriens of Tytalus and Herrien of Bjornaer.

Via Astralis (The Way of the Star)

Based in Avebury, this covenant is very taken up with the study of the ancient powers, particularly the stone circles. They are leaders in astrology and astronomy, often advising on conjunctions and other planetary occurences. The Astralis mages believe they have a duty to spread their findings and scholarship. As such, they are welcoming and welcomein most other gatherings. The leading masters are Articulus of Bonisagus, Persephone of Merenita, Pervidus of Tremere, Lanfranc of Jerbiton and Menesthus of Bonisagus. They are also the home covenant of Theobald of Mercere and Romanus of Guernicus.

Scire Adunatio (Knowledge Joined)

The leading political covenant in the Tribune is based in Oxford, concealed amongst the growing University where it poses as a college specialising in Latin texts, philosophy and enigmatic studies.  With a good working relationship with Dominion and scholarly factions, it maintains an unusual position. It is rumoured that the masters have advised both King and barons, on occasion. The leading figures are Prospero of Bonisagus and William of Jerbiton Also among the masters are Aquilan of Mercere, Sephrenos of Guernicus and Godfrey of Jerbiton.

Resident at this covenant, at the outset, is Gaius Julius Regulus, High Inquisatore of Stonehenge Tribune. Julius is an ambitious man who hss been sent (against his will, in reality) by the Covenant of Remus, in Rome. While he claims to be on terms with the political players in the central European covenants, numbers cardinals amongst those with whom he converses and has even spoken with the pope, Julius is really in exile after his part in the persecution of House Tremere. Some fet he was too evangelical in his approach and that he might be safer away from the centre of things for a few years. Julius, meanwhile, is seeking some new high profile issue that will bring him to the attention of his masters and let him returnn to warmer climes.

Magia Orarius (Enchantment of the Coast)

On the bleak northern coast of East Kent, this little known covenant is an offshoot from an earlier establishment in Norfolk, now defunct. Magia was originally a Bjornaer house with particular studies in bird migration and weather. Weather continues as an interest but there is a growth in alchemy and ritual magic since the arrival of one of the key masters, Erasmus of Magdeburg.  The other masters of note are Vesperus of Jerbiton, Longinus of Verditious, Minervus of Criamon and Gottfried of Bjornaer.

Mos Vetus (The Old Way)

The Cornish mages have gathered on a remote part of the coast where the magical aura is reputed to be stronger than that surrounding any othe mainland covenant. Originally a Diadne house, Mos Vetus is now dominated by Merenita, Mercere and Ex Miscellanea in the forms of Cyvillus, Zoaphris and Morgana. The vague and twilight-affected Hecate of Tremere is also resident, here.

Other Covenants

There will be a few other covenants which enter the saga. One in Scotland, Dua Volare Aquila (Where the Eagle Flies) and Callis Areanus (Path of Mystery) from Ireland will be featured. There is liable to be a Manx group, as well. In addition, there may be some relationship with a handful of continental groups.

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