The Dramatis Personnae

The Magi

Ulfric of Verditious

Ulfric was well known in the covenants of central Europe as a master in Muto and formerly, a fine teacher of the principles of thaumaturgy. As Ulfric's blindness and ageing through twilight experiences have advanced, he has become ever more cantankerous. At the outset of the saga, he has closeted himself in his sanctum and made it quite clear that he wants little to do with the business of running the covenant. His time is precious and he intends to use what is left to complete some work in which he is engaged. A clue to what he is engaged in was revealed when eastern europeans from his homeland arrived with a large box filled with earth from the same. His irritation at the loss of two more boxes during their journey openly declared a need for an amount of this substance to complete the study that is his current obsession. Ulfric shares nothing with the others, especially Lothar. If he feels his mortality creeping up on him, this may explain why he seems to have a great urgency about him that translates into bouts of temper, frustration and sulkiness.

Saphone of Criamon

Saphone's specialisation appears, immediately to be the art of illusion and mind control. His specific interests in the enigma appear to focus around the behaviour and auras of mankind. Criamon mages are always difficult to comprehend and Saphone gives little away at the outset. His background and apprenticeship are unknown. What is apparent is that he does have ideas and that he is very willing to act for the covenant in order to establish Profundus as a long term concern. Over the course of time, it is clear that the quiet spoken Saphone has some very definite ideas on the direction that the covenant should take.

Claven of Bjornaer

Formerly apprentice to Svaldag of Cataduna Ab Cura, Claven is still emerging from his master's shadow at the opening of the saga. At the outset, he declares his primary interest as being in animal magic. No surprises, there. Bjornaer magi specialise in shape changing to animal forms and/or control of beasts more than any other house. Gradually, Claven takes a more central role in the future of the covenant and begins to press for change. His loyalty to his fellow mages makes him a confidante of all.

Lothar of Verditious

A German magi who apprenticed with Ulfric, Lothar shares the reticence of Claven where his master is concerned. Ulfric continues to make his life difficult, causing Lothar to lack in confidence, somewhat, especially outside the covenant. His preference, therefore, is to bury himself in the library or his sanctum, studying. Lothar seems to possess some common sense and is not afraid to speak at council when only the other younger mages are present. Content to sit at home and record the doings of his colleagues, he will prove difficult to bring out in the open. Increasingly, Lothar takes on some responsibility for the covenant itself and the fabric which supports the magi, pressing his brethren into action to secure its future. During the Winter of 1216, he disappears and is not seen again, alive.


Pronounced Mee-hayal, a French Criamon magus from the Provence region, Mihael is more interested in studying the mysteries than becoming involved in covenant or external politics and dislikes the English weather, seeking reasons to stay within the main buildings where possible.  Mihael receives the remaining above average laboratory, confirming Ulfric's interest in having Criamon who might further unravel the mysteries of twilight and the powers that gather about a covenant. Having already had a brush with twilight during the final years of his apprenticeship, Mihael is fascinated by the existence of an undescribed place beyond, that only mages can seem to access.


A Tytalus mage from Holland, Dimitri is interested in the challenge that Britain's legendary fae might offer and in some of its rumoured beasts of legend whose powers would be worthy of a Tytalus who seeks to expand and meet the challenge. Initially reticent, he quickly speaks out on behalf of the covenant and as befitting a follower of Tytalus, does not shy awayu from confrontation with mundanes, either. Apparently possessing a strong sense of righteousness, the one shadow over Dimitri is his obvious interest in Vim and raw Vis. Dimitri takes on the mantle of Tempestus as the one who drives for action and speaks out, first, against Ulfric.

Note: It was known that Ulfric planned for an additional laboratory and quarters for one more magus. At the beginning of the campaign, that was being finished. Rumour that reached the ears of Tempestus, in particular, was that the sixth mage would be a member of House Guernicus, better known as The Inquisatores. Feared and treated with suspicion by most of the covenants, the Inquisitors rarely arrive by chance. It is likely that such a member of their group will be away on the business of his house, quite often. Soon after the arrival of two new mages, it becomes clear that Ulfric's relationship with the Inquisatores is not a good one, despite his help in the past. The rejection of a resident at his covenant is one reason for this. Instead, he has taken on two more unknowns and completed two more sanctums, leaving that of Tempestus locked as the Flambeau will return from time to time. The concession to allow Tempestus to serve with Guernicus in France has done a little to repair Ulfric's standing with the Inquisatores in wider Europe.

Tempestus of Flambeau (On service with the Inquisatores in France) - Now non-resident

Tempestus is the natural leader amongst the younger mages. Tempestus has spoken well of his master although he felt that the covenant where he apprenticed was growing staid and weary with masters locked in a state of intransigence so that nothing could progress. His natural affiliation with fire and destruction makes him the most effective in plain combat against other forces but he also has a grasp of possibilities that extends beyond that of many Flambeau. In addition, he is unusually comfortable with mundanes, perhaps stemming from the covenant where he trained being close to a population centre. He has a charm and ease which makes him appear more like a scholar or merchant than a mage. As such, he is able to bring more credence to covering tales when the mages arrive in towns and villages during travels abroad.

The Original Companions

Baldwyne the Steward

An aeging administrator persuaded by Ulfric to accompany him to the Tribune of Stonehenge and to set up a new covenant. What tie or reason Baldwyne had for travelling so far when his health was ailing, is unclear. There does appear to be some hold that Ulfric has upon him because it is not old friendship given the way that Ulfric treats his steward. Baldwyne is averagely competent and under threat from the ambitious Jack Scathlock "Shrewd".

"Shrewd" the Storesmaster

Jack Scathlock is, perhaps reminiscent of Steerpike from Gormenghast. An ambitious young man who thinks a lot of himself, he has plans to outmanouvre Baldwyne and take over as Steward. He sets about, at once, showing what he can do for the mages and takes every opportunity to impress them. He also takes every opportunity to put down Baldwyne.

Azir the Moor

The saracen warrior came back with a crusader whom he had befriended. When the young nobleman died of the fever, he was cast adrift in a foreign land. Being an outsider, he gravitated towards others who were excluded from normal life and joined the mages. A very competent soldier and swordsman, he has received recognition in return. Azir wishes to save enough money to return home to his own lands but is realistic enough to know that he is probably stuck here, for the moment.

Cwllwch the Bard

The bard is a traveller who enjoys seeing new places and meeting new folk. He particularly enjoys the opportunity to display his skills to influential men. However, despite this, he is a loyal friend to the covenant. In the mages, he finds an intriguing group with much knowledge and the potential for tales to be told, including some that involve him, directly. Competent with the blade as well as his instruments, Cwllwch is a useful man to know.

Owain the Scholar

Introduced by a Mercere from another covenant of the tribune, it quickly became clear that Owain was most interested in the library and less in the fortunes of the covenant. His love of texts and trying to ensure that they are saved for posterity has made him a useful contact for the covenant. Owain seeks out books and researches where they may be. He openly admits that he also visits and works with two other covenants, Scire Adunatio in Oxford, where he learned his trade and Spectare Altus in the Pennines. He is a servant of the Bishop of Carlisle, so he also has Dominion connections. Since he has proved of help to the covenant, the mages have agreed to allow him some access to the library and to take time to hear his findings.

Ravienne De Bretagne

Ravienne is a typical French troubadour, a mercenary soldier with a certain charm and a great deal of gusto. Capable with weapons play and sound tactically, he has all the hallmarks of a key custos. It was a surprise to everyone when he suddenly turned serious about a mob that was pursuing a jewish boy whom Ravienne has taken under his wing. The mages soon began to suspect. Ravienne was not what he claimed but is Jewish thus providing far more reason why he is interested in serving with the covenant than earning his pay as a mercenary soldier. The writing is on the wall for the Jewish population of Western Europe. A bad time is coming and it may be well to seek out a place where the persecutors will not think to look.


Erryn is a former mercenary soldier who was an archer in Richard I's army when he was warring in France. Returning home, he found himself unable to settle with an ordinary trade and went seeking employment where his skills with bow and sword would be appreciated. The covenant offers such employment. Mages give a man a slight advantage in times when he has to use weapons in anger. Erryn has settled in, swiftly and proved his value. His only irritation to his new masters is his tendency to attract the unwanted attention of women, single and married, younger and older.

Seth - The Black Friar

Seth is a travelling friar, a tall, powerful man with a bald head who sells indulgences, preaches a little and, if rumour is to be believed, gets mixed up in drunken brawls, molests women and generally has a bad reputation in most places where he is known. Charged five times by the church over various accusations, nothing has ever stuck but Seth is not regarded as a good risk by his Dominion masters. He is fascinated by the mages and their learning, readily exchanging views and offering his help when he is around. He has sheltered within the covenant a few times to avoid roaming gangs who seek him. As such, he owes the covenant and has no trouble helping them out.

The original key servants

Turb Sergeant - Cragwyn "Crags"

The old sergeant at arms is an aeging soldier who has a long experience in militias. He is not as fast as he was and, having troubles with his health, tends to have some difficulty getting up in the morning in a state of readiness. The others pretend not to notice, by and large, out of respect for the man. "Crags", as he is affectionately known, is a rough fighter and brawler and he knows the score when it comes to teaching men and women how to survive in combat. Cragwyn does take his task seriously and takes a pride in the small force that he has responsibility for.


A quietly spoken man who has developed into a warrior for the covenant. Gorwing has a range of useful skills and above average intelligence. Proven in combat, he is respected by the others, rated highly by "Crags" and under consideration as a shield grog for one of the mages. Once involved in the missions, Gorwing has proven that he is also an asset with his handling of common folk as well as his ability to handle a wagon, often a requisite for travelling.


Tall and sturdy, Leofric is somewhat slow of thought and speech. He is a solid sentry and powerful in combat, where his strength and size count. He wants to become a shield grog or even sergeant but his low capacity for thought may go against him. Leofric likes to gamble and believes that women find him attractive which does not seem to be the case in practice. Loyal and possessed of an easy going attitude, he is a popular member of the turb.


Brannulf started as a shield recruit but it quickly became evident, that although he could hold his own in a fight, he was much more skilled with animals and horses than he was with sword and shield. Now stablemaster for the covenant, Brannulf is well liked by most of the folk and respected as credible by the mages.

Ronan "The Fox" Fisher

Huntsman, fisherman, poacher and jack of all trades, Ronan is the gamekeeper for the covenant as well as a provisioner of food. He is descended from an Irish family as is evidenced by his slightly unusual accent. Ronan gets on with the local peasantry which makes him useful when there is information wanted or negotiation over supplies. Rumour says that his family were known as poachers and that his father and brother were hung as horse thieves.

Jed "Ranger" Shepherd

Jed the Shepherd, as the name suggests, looks after the covenant's sheep and cow herds. He is a strange individual who rarely speaks much and spends many nights just huddled amongst his flock, asleep. A tracker and wayfinder, Jed is keen to show that he can be of more use than just herding animals.

Tom "Cookie" Yardley

Tom Yardley will never say one thing when half a dozen would do. Garrulous, social and inclined to drink too much, "Cookie" as he is sometimes known, enjoys his food and drink. His cooking is good, generally, and he knows how to turn out decent edible food in the field, too. He is not, as he imagines, a man of many talents. Yardley believes he could be a warrior and generally assist on the missions undertaken by the covenant. The truth is that his youth is waning and he consistenly over-rates himself.

Mistress Dana

The seamstress keeps a number of the younger women in order and doubles up as housekeeper, under Baldwyne. Formerly engaged to Tom Yardley, she was married, prior to that, to a steward in a knight's manor and learned skills with dogs from him. She also learned some field chirurgy during the time her husband was involved in wars abroad as storesman for military units. Mistress Dana has a good head on her shoulders, Baldwyne reckons. She is one of very few he consults in matters of how things ought to be done.


Hod is the builder and handyman whose job it is to patch and fix the buildings, fences and other structures around the covenant. A cheerful young man, he has an ailing mother whom the covenant have agreed to take in so he doesn't have to keep travelling home by foot, each night. He is grateful and feels a loyalty to his employers, as a result. Hod has offered to learn to fight, in case they need more hands but as yet, he has not been taken up on the offer.


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